Full Sized Rocker Switch to Withstand High Impact Forces

CW Industries, a long recognized manufacturer of switches, connectors and custom components for the OEM, has developed a new rocker switch to withstand external high impact forces normally associated with lawn and garden applications such as kill switches in generators, power washers or pull start engine applications where the recoil of the pull start mechanism could adversely affect switch performance due to mechanical impact.

Rated at 16 amps, with higher currents available, the CW GRHI – 2000 series is a Full Size, SPST or SPDT Rocker Switch made with a high impact thermoplastic blend that has been field tested and approved for applications where the likelihood of switch impact and mechanical failure is prevalent. The switch can be mounted securely in a .550’’x 1.125’’ panel opening requiring no screws or other fasteners. The standard switch includes a black housing and rocker knob but can also be molded in a wide range of colors and special markings to suit your specific requirements.

The CW switch encompasses optional drain holes which allow for the removal of water, condensation and other incidental moisture prevalent in these outdoor environments. Our patented unique contact sliding and rotating action ensures contact cleanliness and extended life.

Serving customers since 1904, CW Industries is a World Class Manufacturer serving many of the leading industrial, consumer and defense electronics manufacturers with complex electromechanical slide, rocker and pushbutton switches; insulation displacement and MIL SPEC connectors; and a variety of custom switches, custom connectors and assemblies that require a high level of precision, performance and reliability. CW Industries is IS0 9001 Certified and our in house test facility is qualified to UL, CSA and DOD standards.


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