For Special Applications – FCT Connectors with Stainless Steel Shells

As one of the leading manufacturers of connectors, solid metal and plastic hoods, as well contacts, we can supply D-Sub Miniature-, High-Density and Mixed Layout-connectors also with stainless steel shells.

The stainless steel shells from FCT are extremly resistant against aggressive influences and especially resistant against corrosion. We have successfully tested for extreme customized Outdoor-applications with different stainless steel designs in combination with machined contacts (500h salt spray test with 5% NaCl).

We can offer you several variations of D-Sub-Standard (9-50 pole), Mixed Layout- und High Density connectors in stainless steel version. Also waterproof connectors with protection level IP67 in stainless steel design are available.

We supply to applications to foodstuff industry, aerospace and also into commercial and defense communication technology.
We produce on customers demand also appropriate modifications as well accessories for your application in stainless steel.


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