First Evaluation Board to Support NXP LPC1800

Keil™ has released six evaluation boards supporting the NXP LPC1100, LPC1200, LPC1300, and LPC1800 Cortex™-M processor-based families.

The MCB1800™ is the first board available for the LPC1850 (Cortex-M3) device series, it features a 150MHz MCU, 16MB Flash, 16MB SDRAM, QVGA LCD with touch screen, and comprehensive peripheral interfaces including USB (Device/Host/OTG), CAN, Ethernet, SD/MMC card and more.

The MCB1100™, MCB1200™, and MCB1300™ boards feature the latest Cortex-M0 and Cortex-M3 MCUs from NXP offering access to all available peripherals and interfaces.

All boards include the MDK-Lite development tools, which together with the included sample applications, help you get started writing programs and testing the microcontroller and its capabilities. The boards are also available as a starter kit which includes the ULINK-ME debug adapter.

The MCB1000 and MCB1200 are available now from Keil and our distribution partners. The MCB1800 will be available in July, 2011.


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