Monday, June 11, 2012

FDI releases modular RX62N Based Touch Screen Platform for HMI / GUI Applications

Future Designs, Inc. has introduced a new addition to their modular development platform that supports various size touch screen LCD devices from multiple vendors. The new design supports the popular Renesas RX62N processor. The DK-47WQT-RX62N includes a Tianma 4.7” TFT LCD with integrated touch screen and is based on the Renesas RX62N 96MHz microcontroller with Direct Drive LCD logic. The “brain” of the system is a SOC module called the SOMDIMM-RX62N. This modular 200pin SODIMM is 2.66” x 1.89” and contains the RX62N microcontroller, along with 8MB of SDRAM, Ethernet PHY and support circuits. The kit includes the uEZ/FreeRTOS Operating System with a full complement of software driver support.

 The DK-47WQT-RX62N development kit is priced at $475.00 and is now available from any of our franchised distributors, including Avnet, Digi-Key, and Mouser.

 FDI offers cost effective design and customization services for customer specific hardware, software or repackaging applications for volumes as low as 500 units.

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