FDI Announces Instant GUI-in-a-Box: The µEZ® GUI Rapid Development Kit

Future Design's new µEZ® GUI for the NXP LPC2478 is a compact, highly integrated, LCD controller platform that can be quickly and easily integrated into your product.

The first in a family of µEZ® GUI kits, the uEZGUI-2478-43WQS kit is based on the LPC2478 microprocessor from NXP and has 8MB of external SDRAM and 8MB of external NOR flash. The board mates directly to an included 4.3” WQVGA TFT LCD from Sharp, with final dimensions of 4.60" x 2.84" X .50" tall. On board features include USB Device, a micro SD memory card, a real-time clock with Super Cap backup, 3-axis accelerometer, temperature sensor and mini JTAG connector. The kit also supports the addition of an expansion board for additional communication interface options like USB Host, Ethernet, RS485, and RS232 support. Power is derived directly from USB so no bulky external power supply is needed. A common interface for the LCD and touch screen control is provided with 16-bit per pixel (bpp) LCD interface and 4-wire resistive touch screen control. The board also includes an LED backlight power and control circuit.

The kit is based on FDI's µEZ® rapid development platform (pronounced "Muse"), which includes an extensive library of open-source software, drivers, and processor support, all under a common framework. μEZ® development works on the premise of “design once, reuse many times.” μEZ® allows companies to focus on innovation and on their own value-added applications while minimizing development time and maximizing software reuse.

The kit also includes a J-Link Lite JTAG debugger from Segger and comes complete with all cables and a stylus for the touch screen. All documentation is included on the 2GB micro SD card and when the unit is plugged into a PC the card appears as a USB Flash drive so the documentation can easily be copied to the PC.


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