FCT Group- “New Compact Siemens Parcel Sorting System Visicon Containing FCT Components“

For the Siemens AG newly developed generation of parcel sorting system Visicon, FCT electronic was once again able to contribute professional expertise and experience in providing a competent solution for the design and development of a complex connector.

The complex and compact machine only requires a quarter of the floor space needed for conventional sorting systems. The modular designed machine facilitates sorting of up to 9000 parcels per hour. The capacity of the parcels to be processed stretches to a maximum length of 1200 mm and a maximum weight of 50 kg per parcel. The core of the sorting system consists of 84 belt drives which can be controlled individually for the separation and placement of parcels which are conveyed to the machine in bulk quantities. For this purpose each single parcel is monitored by a camera system in real-time. The collected data steers the belt drives for the handling of the parcels. In case of belt-drive failure the belt sections can be quickly changed by means of Plug&Play.

For this innovative machine the development of a robust connector was required, which would be a standard product on the one hand, but had to meet high requirements on the other hand such as conducting currents of up to 30 ampere, long locating pins, short security contact, EMC protection in line with EMC standards and a splash guard of the type IP 54. The Engineering Cable Systems Manager at FCT electronic, Mr. Heigl comments: "The greatest challenge was the toughening of already designed connector up to IP 54 and higher under tensile force. Fortunately, we were able to take advantage of our expertise and many years of experience in the area of waterproof connectors and hoods."

Recently the project manager at Siemens Mr. Lösch was awarded a certificate thus related by an independent test laboratory in Austria. This innovation ensures the prevention of potential damage to the machine by the leaking of liquids from damaged parcels. The Visicon Singulator was presented to experts in the field at the POST-EXPO 2009 and achieved the Post Technology International Award for outstanding performance and innovation in the Transport and Logistic branch. The Visicon is successfully in use since May 2010.


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