FCT Group- Faster Assembly with the New "FKI" Series

To specifically meet the requirements of the automation industry, but also for many other applications, FCT electronic has combined important product characteristics in this new series. 

The recently developed plastic hoods FKI product line, developed by FCT electronic, features an innovative lid locking system.

Special characteristics of the series FKI1 to FKI5 and FKI1G to FKI5G are, in addition to their low construction height and the large cable outlet of up to 13.0mm, further product strengths such as a new lid locking system for the hood halves by means of a metal snap element, an excellent EMC protection, secure cable clamping, variable connector and locking assembly and adjustable positioning (displacement prevention).

Employing our series provides extensive benefits to our customers. These can be summarised as: simple, rapid and secure assembly by means of a captive locking device; fail-safe application in electrical devices and systems; stable cable-clamping even under robust operational conditions; space-saving interior; application specific connector locking devices and positioning (displacement prevention) during assembly.


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