FCI Expands Flex Connector Offering to Meet Growing Mobile Market's Low-Profile Requirements

FCI, a leading manufacturer of connectors and interconnect systems, has expanded its family of flex connector products with the introduction of the SFGL series of ZIF-terminated FPC connectors. With 0.4mm pitch and 0.9mm height, the back flip-type actuator connector is ideal for use in tablet PCs.

Additionally, the VLP series, an enhanced version of the previous SFVL series of FPC ZIF connectors, is also available now with 0.5mm pitch and 0.7mm height, providing secure mating in confined board spaces. The connectors meet the accepted standards for ZIF connectors used in backlight and touchscreen applications and are commonly used in smart phone and mobile phone applications due to higher cable retention force and the back-flip actuator.

The SFGL and VLP series round out FCI¹s family of flex connector products, which includes both ZIF (zero insertion force) and non-ZIF, top and bottom contact options, vertical and right-angle orientations, surface-mount and through-hole terminations in contact spacing options all the way down to 0.2mm.

"The market for smart phones and tablet computers is evolving quickly, and product re-designs may necessitate shrinking times-to-market," said Koji Kowata, Marketing and Business Development Manager, FCI. "FCI wants to be the first and only stop for our customers, whether they are re-designing an existing product or engineering an entirely new device. They expect high quality, proven components from FCI that meet the specifications of the consumer end-product. FCI was the first company to offer the option of an FFC/FPC connector under 1mm in height, and we continue to advance the technology and expand the options offered to our customers."

Additional features in the FFC/FPC product series, such as optional cable locks and mounting devices, ensure the availability of a solution for almost any application, no matter how demanding. FCI introduced the first flex connector with a back-side flip actuator that allows the user to insert the flex cable and lock the actuator with one hand. FCI then enhanced that capability by modifying the connector housing to provide visual confirmation that the flex cable mated properly.


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