Fairchild Semiconductor's EcoSPARK® 2 Ignition Coil Driver Reduces Power Dissipation, Enhances Performance of Ignition IGBTs

In order to meet demanding emissions and high fuel efficiency requirements in present and emerging ignition systems, automotive designers need higher performance ignition coil driver technology. To help designers meet these requirements, Fairchild Semiconductor (NYSE: FCS) has introduced the latest generation of ignition IGBTs that provide reduced power dissipation in a smaller footprint. The EcoSPARK® 2, FGD3040G2 and FDG3440G2 ignition coil drivers, deliver up to 20 percent reduction VSAT performance without a significant reduction of Self Clamping Inductive Switching (SCIS) energy. This optimized feature reduces power dissipation, lowers heat sink requirements and operating junction temperatures.

The EcoSPARK 2 ignition coil driver is also available in a DPAK, allowing for a D2PAK replacement solution that reduces form factor while achieving the same VSAT. Both devices support advanced multi-spark high-current ignition systems with lean burn requirements.

Features and Benefits:
  • SCIS Energy: FGD3440G2 = 335mJ at TJ = 25oC, FGD3040G2 = 300mJ at TJ = 25oC
  • Logic Level Gate Drive
  • Qualified to AEC Q101
  • RoHS Compliant


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