Expansions in Both Production Capacity and Production Bases for High-Frequency Inductor

Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. recently decided to expand the production capacity of its high-frequency inductors*1, which are used in smartphones and other small communication devices. We are therefore working to start production at Okayama Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd., and the production of these inductors at a multiple number of production bases will help diversify the company's risk.

Murata has been turning out high-frequency thick-film chip inductors in both the 0603 and 0402 sizes at the Miyazaki Plant of Fukui Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd., and now production is to be stepped up in order to meet an increase in demand. In a related future move, in October 2012, Okayama Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is to commence production of the 0603 inductors that are the focus of high-volume demand. Figures for the combined production capacity of the two plants will register a 4.6-fold increase or so over October 2011 and a 1.8-fold jump or so over April 2012.

Along with the adoption of more and more functions in smartphones and other small communication devices, and with the ever-growing sophistication of these functions, the demand for high-frequency inductors that combine a compact size with a high Q*2 continues to expand at a rapid pace. To meet this demand, Murata aims to continue to boost its production capacity and diversify its risk by producing these components at multiple bases in order to ensure stable supplies.

We use our own unique thick-film printing system*3 for our high-frequency inductors, and the design of these inductors is ideally suited to high-frequency circuits. Our customers have been using them more and more, and they have urged us to step up our supply capabilities. Given our determination to ensure that stable supplies of our inductors will continue, we will be moving quickly to boost our production capacity and add a new production base. By so doing, we are constructing a setup that will certainly eliminate any concerns that our customers may have about our ability to provide them with stable supplies well into the future.


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