Everlight Electronics Presents an Ambient Light Sensor Product Family

In response to current market needs, Everlight Electronics Co., Ltd. [TSE:2393] introduces an Ambient Light Sensor product family that meets the requirements for power management solutions for the display backlighting of mobile appliances such as mobile phones, notebooks and PDAs.

Everlight’s Ambient Light Sensors (ALS) combine a photodiode and a current amplifier IC in one package. This cost effective solution saves power for backlighting displays in mobile appliances by adjusting the backlight brightness depending on the ambient light. To ensure accurate measurement, the spectral response of the ambient light sensor corresponds to that of the human eye.

The Everlight ALS are current output types which offer a high output linearity across a wide illumination range and a low sensitivity variation across various light sources. The ALS can be operated within a supply voltage range from 1.8V to 5.5V and in a temperature range from -40°C up to 85°C. The Everlight Ambient Light Sensor family is RoHS compliant, Pb Free and halogen-free.

Everlight Ambient Light Sensors can also be used in computing and consumer devices, automatic residential and commercial management like in- and outdoor light control, automatic contrast enhancement for electronic signboards, ambient light monitoring devices for daylight and artificial light, street light, and CCD/CCTV.

Besides the standard ALS, Everlight also provides a combined ambient light and proximity sensor called APS. The APS has the same features as an ALS but is additionally equipped with a proximity sensor to measure the closeness of approaching/departing objects. This sensor device is intended primarily for use in applications in which measurement of both ambient light and proximity sensing is a must, such as laptop computers, PDAs, camcorders, and GPS systems.

Everlight is fostering closer working relationships between our R&D, Sales and Marketing teams to meet and exceed our customer’s expectations in both product offering and technology. The ALS and APS products address the fast-growing market of mobile appliances.


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