"ES5 Series" 1 Pin Board-to-Cable Connector Has Been Developed Small and Low Profile, with No Insulator

Many types of lighting equipment and digital products use LEDs, and for these devices there is a need for reduced space, weight, and cost. In response to these requirements, JAE has developed the small and low-profile “ES5 series” connector. The ES5 Series is a horizontally mated, 1 pin board-to-cable connector.

To ensure a good click feeling and high retention force, and to prevent incomplete mating, the ES5 Series features a mechanical locking structure. The small size and low-profile (1.6mm height) of this connector allow for greater design flexibility in meeting diverse product needs.
  • No insulator, low-profile design. (Connector height: 1.6mm)
  • Detachable locking structure.
  • Mis-mating prevention structure.
  • Clear click feeling prevents incomplete mating.
  • Receptacle is available in embossed reel packaging for automated mounting.
  • RoHS compliant.
  • cULus certification pending.


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