Ericsson goes live with IPv6

June 6, 2012, marks the Internet Society’s World IPv6 Launch. On this day, Ericsson, along with other leading Internet companies around the world, will permanently enable IPv6 for its global website.

The world is getting connected – fast. Whether it’s the smart devices in our pockets or businesses and vertical industries being revolutionized though machine-to-machine connectivity, the central influence of the internet on modern life is rapidly exhausting the number of unassigned addresses.

IPv4, the foundation of the Internet today, will not be sufficient in the long run to support the rapid growth of the internet in terms of traffic and connected devices. The participants of the World IPv6 Launch work together on an accelerated timeline for cooperatively identifying and addressing common challenges with IPv6.

Ericsson considers IPv6 critical for the internet’s continued growth as a platform for innovation and economic growth. Ericsson has been a longstanding supporter of IPv6, from its development and standardization all the way to its deployment as a product. By participating in Internet Society’s World IPv6 Launch Day on June 6, Ericsson wants to demonstrate that it stands behind what it recommends to its customers: an unwavering commitment to IPv6 and a resolute deployment.

–This is an important day for us at Ericsson, as our research teams around the world have helped develop IPv6 for over a decade,– says Erik Ekudden, Vice President, Head of Technology Strategies and Industry at Ericsson. –As we expect mobile broadband subscriptions to reach 5 billion in 2017, we need a new generation of IP to support this.


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