Enhanced MOS A/V Connector Modules

Leviton has expanded the popular Multimedia Outlet System (MOS) with new Enhanced Multimedia Outlet System modules for VGA, Component Video and Composite/Stereo Audio solutions. These innovative modules use common category-rated UTP cabling to interconnect between an audio/video source and monitors, projectors and audio components.

Now it's easy to eliminate expensive proprietary cabling. Integrated circuitry delivers high quality video and audio, along with optimized compensation for longer cable lengths. Labor-saving punch-down modules terminate the affordable, non-proprietary UTP cable to each module, quickly and easily.

For contractors:
  •     Fast tried and true 110 punch-down field termination
  •     Standard CAT 5e or higher, UTP or shielded cable
  •     Use of remnant cable
  •     Complete customizable Leviton MOS & QuickPort® solution
For specifiers:

  •     Category cable familiarity & confidence
  •     Migration path to digital without changes to in-wall cables
  •     Cheaper, faster solution for typical applications


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