Emerson Network Power Introduces Liebert NXL™ 1100 kVA/1100kW to Provide High Efficiency UPS Protection for Critical Data Centers

Emerson Network Power, a business of Emerson (NYSE:EMR) and a global leader in maximizing availability, capacity and efficiency of critical infrastructure, today introduced the Liebert NXL™ 1100kVA/1100kW UPS to offer medium to large data centers a level of operating efficiency previously available only in transformer-free systems, but with the safety, fault tolerance, and reliability demonstrated by transformer-based systems. The Liebert NXL UPS is UL and CSA listed and is available globally for 60 Hz applications—480, 575 or 600VAC.

The Liebert NXL UPS is the first large transformer-based UPS system to be tested and UL listed and labeled to UL1778 fourth edition specifications. The highest-capacity transformer-based UPS in the industry, Liebert NXL 1100kVA/1100kW UPS provides the industry’s best operating efficiency at typical load levels in double conversion mode with up to 98 percent efficiency when operating in Intelligent Eco-Mode™.

“As critical power requirements in today’s high-availability data centers continue to increase, IT and facility managers are seeking the greater power capacity and superior reliability and energy efficiency needed to meet growing demand. Until recently this has been fueling a growing interest in using transformer-free UPS modules in three-phase critical power applications,” said Peter Panfil, vice president of global power, Emerson Network Power. “The transformer-based Liebert NXL 1100 kVA UPS utilizes the latest power protection technology to offer a level of operating efficiency that was previously only available in transformer-free systems. It also features battery ground fault isolation that ensures normal operation under battery ground fault conditions and isolates personnel working on the DC systems from hazardous AC voltage.”

The Liebert NXL UPS battery ground fault isolation results in normal system operation even under battery ground fault conditions. During these fault conditions, the system does not go to bypass as happens with transformer-free technologies. The Liebert NXL UPS is available in many configurations, including single module, 1+N distributed bypass and N+1 central bypass, to ensure the right level of power redundancy for any critical application and Tier level. The robust design of the Liebert NXL UPS allows operation at 100 percent load under a “stack-up” of conditions that would require other systems to de-rate their output or compromise system availability.

The Liebert NXL UPS features optional matching battery cabinets that can be equipped with Alber BDSi integrated battery monitoring to proactively monitor battery health. A Liebert NXL System Control Cabinet is available for N+1 parallel configurations, controlling the operation of the system and also containing the system static bypass switch.

Liebert SiteScan Web centralized monitoring software can be used to offer maximum control, monitoring and visibility to Liebert NXL UPS. It also comes with the ability to output data directly to a network for integration with other monitoring systems.


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