ebm-papst Plans Acquisition in Heating Technology Area

ebm-papst plans to acquire a portion of a gas valve product group for wall-mounted and floor standing gas boilers from Karl Dungs GmbH & Co KG. Thus the world's leading manufacturer of fans and motors is making another acquisition in the heating engineering area. Hans-Jochen Beilke, Chairman of the Board of Managing Directors of the ebm-papst Group, says: "For us, the planned acquisition is an important step towards our strategic expansion of this market segment."

Dungs is the specialist for gas, safety and control technology and is a supplier to the heating- and process heat industry. The Dungs Group employes over 600 people worldwide. The transfer of the "GasBloc Valve" business area for residential heating technology with rated heat output up to 80kW is to take place in the form of an asset deal.

Says Karl Dungs: "The planned transaction consistently implements the alignment of our strategic direction with the core competencies of Dungs. We are increasing our focus on mechatronic systems in combustion engineering."

The acquisition was initiated by ebm-papst's Landshut subsidiary and plans call for it to be completed soon. "The acquired business will strengthen our position as a system supplier over the long term," comments Stefan Brandl, Managing Director in Landshut. ebm-papst Landshut is a pioneer and innovation leader in the area of household appliances and heaters. The Bavarian location has some 1,000 employees.


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