EasySYNC Ltd. Launches New OBD-II Cable

EasySYNC Ltd. launched today the OBD-M-DB9-ES cable accessory which supports a DB9 to OBD-II interface. The DB9 to OBD-II adapter cable is a simple adapter to allow the EasySYNC range of CANbus products to mate to OBD-II interface connectors commonly used in automotive diagnostics and industrial applications.  The DB9 end plugs directly into the EasySYNC CANPlus modules or any CANbus adapter that conforms to the CAN-in-Automation (CiA) DS102-2 pin-out.  The OBD-II end plugs directly into an automotive diagnostic port or industrial device.  The OBD-M-DB9-F-ES cable is 900 mm in length.

The OBD-M-DB9-ES cable accessory rounds out the EasySYNC CANbus product line which includes the USB2-F-7001, a 1-port USB to CANbus adapter and the SI-A-7001, a 1-port RS232 to CANbus adapter. In addition, EasySYNC will be releasing an isolated USB to CANbus product, the USB2-F-7101, in December 2010.

The OBD-M-DB9-F-ES is a lead-free device that complies with the following environmental directives: RoHS, WEEE, REACH, PFOS and DecaBDE.  The OBD-M-DB9-ES cable has a one piece price of $12.00 (£7.79).


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