Digi Provides Smart Energy Device Platform for German 'E-DeMa' Smart Grid Pilot

Digi International (NASDAQ: DGII) has announced that utility company SWK, Stadtwerke Krefeld-Gruppe, is using its energy monitoring solutions for its E-DeMa Smart Grid pilot project in Krefeld, Germany. The Digi solution connects the residential meters direct to a consumer’s smart device, allowing consumption and pricing data to be monitored and actioned in real-time.

E-DeMa is a joint project between RWE, Siemens, Miele, ProSyst, SWK, the universities of Bochum, Duisburg/Essen and Dortmund and the University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Dortmund; working to develop and demonstrate an e-energy, locally networked “marketplace of the future” using cutting-edge information and communication technology. As part of this project, the municipal utility of Krefeld, SWK, is using Digi’s Extended Grid to deliver immediate water, gas and electricity consumption and pricing information to the residential customers participating in SWK’s pilot smart energy project.

The customer’s usage data is collected wirelessly from the meter, transferred through the iDigi Device Cloud and then visualised through an Android application where customers can view it in real-time on their tablet computers or smart phones.  This intelligence will then empower the consumers to actively manage and control their consumption.

The pilot project aims to develop and demonstrate a system by which power consumption can be controlled intelligently using the real-time collection and provision of consumption data. The results of this pilot will allow the consortium to evaluate the types of energy services that can be delivered to customers commercially, in order to optimize the operation and management of decentralized distribution networks in a cost-effective, secure and energy-efficient manner.

The Digi Extended Grid Solution platform supports the quick deployment of a pilot project, yet is fully scalable to millions of users, without impacting the operational performance of the distribution network. The Digi Extended Grid Solution platform provides maximum flexibility for developing applications now, and in the future. StefanRottländer, Head of Measurement and Meter Management at SWK, and a Work Package Leader for the E-DeMa project, said, “It must be emphasized how quickly and innovatively Digi has implemented the requirements for the E-DeMa pilot region, Krefeld, particularly as the technological requirements needed to create the visualization solution were challenging.”

Digi’s partnership with SWK is the latest in a series in the smart energy vertical, highlighting Digi as a major player in making interconnected energy networks possible by providing utilities and energy service providers with innovative wireless technology solutions.


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