Crouzet Motorization Solutions for Medical Devices

For over 20 years, Crouzet, specialist in direct drives and geared motors, has built on its technical know- how and innovative solutions for medical equipment where reliability and comfort are critical issues.

With a full range of products and technologies, D.C. Brush, Brushless, Stepper motors and voice coil actuators, with internal or external control electronic cards, as well as standard or custom designed gearboxes, Crouzet offers dependable and cost effective solutions for medical equipment such as scanners, dental chairs and equipment, dialysis machines, dispensers, incubators, peristaltic pumps, respiratory machines, ripple beds, syringe pumps, sterilizers and X-ray systems.

All these applications call for reliability, accuracy, and respectability to guarantee the performance and the safety of the medical equipment involved. In order to do so, Crouzet motors have a long life expectancy, silent operation, a wide range of speeds, robust gearboxes, optimised motor output power and electronic controllers.


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