Corcom FB Series Filters for Lighting Applications

The new FB Series power line filters are specially designed for lighting devices such as fluorescent lamps and related lighting ballasts.  This new power line filter is placed between a lighting device and a line external to it. It attenuates conducted radio frequency interference (RFI), also known as electromagnetic interference (EMI), between the line and the equipment.

The successful regulation of EMI interference will allow devices to operate as defined, in the intended environment, without suffering any degradation in performance due to interference, and without disrupting the performance of other equipment.

The FB Series power line filters are also suitable for LED displays, various lighting devices and lower current single phase applications requiring mid range attenuation such as TV/audio/video, home appliances, gaming machines, exercise equipment, computers and accessories. The new FB Series offers good attenuation in the range of 100kHz to 30MHz and a current rating range from .5A to 5A.  It is UL listed to UL935, the industry standard for florescent ballasts. These parts are also UL recognized, CSA certified and VDE approved.


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