The Cinch Advantage

Cinch Connectors FDR copper cable assemblies exceed industry standard performance specifications for InfiniBand FDR, 40G  Ethernet, SAS 3.0 and Fibre Channel applications. Cinch FDR passive cable family offers the following advantages:
  •  Superior Crosstalk Management: The Cinch FDR design includes a dramatic improvement to crosstalk management using Cinch proprietary PairShield™ and Extended Ground Plane termination technology.
  • Ergonomic Design: In addition, Cinch FDR includes an ergonomic pull-to-release latch tether and an ESD insulated grasp area.
  • "Smart" Cables: All Cinch FDR cables include an EEPROM cable management interface in each plug programmed per the SFF8436 memory map as well as DC blocking capacitors on the receive lanes and an I2C module select buffer.
  • 25-30 Gauge Availability: Cables are available in a range of wire gauges from 25, 26, 28 and 30AWG twinax cables with lengths ranging from 0.50m for 30AWG to 7m for 25AWG.
The Cinch FDR passive cable family meets industry standard requirements:
  • Small Form Factor SFF8436 specification.
  • InfiniBand Trade Association (IBTA) specification for Fourteen GBPS Data Rate (FDR-56Gbs) as well as QDR and Dual Data Rate (DDR-5Gbs).
  • InfiniBand FDR link provides 56Gbs of bandwidth (4 X 14Gbs) for transmit and receive in full duplex mode. A total link bandwidth of 112Gbs.
  • Supports the XLAUI specification for 40Gb Ethernet 802.3ba.
  • Support the developing FDR 6G SAS 2.1 specification.


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