CalAmp Announces Three New Wireless Devices for Mobile Resource Management

CalAmp Corp. (NASDAQ : CAMP), a leading provider of wireless products, services and solutions, announced today that it is introducing three new GPRS wireless communications products for Mobile Resource Management (MRM) applications at the CTIA Wireless Conference and Exhibition in New Orleans. These products enable CalAmp to meet international market requirements. These new products are designed to provide market-leading price and performance levels for customers in South Africa, South America and India addressing local fleet management, insurance, trailer tracking and stolen vehicle recovery verticals.

These new additions to CalAmp's MRM product portfolio include:
  • LMU-600 - inconspicuously installed, high value product targeted for the track-and-trace and stolen vehicle recovery markets. The LMU-600 comes equipped with a fixed harness, optional 200 mAh back up battery and up to 2 I/O ports.
  • LMU-1175 - moisture-resistant product for motorcycle, recreational vehicle and trailer tracking markets. The LMU-1175 comes equipped with a fixed harness, 1000 mAh back up battery, a built-in 16G accelerometer, 3 fixed biased I/O ports, and 1-wire bus.
  • LMU-2100 - inconspicuosly installed product for the fleet management and insurance market segment. The LMU-2200 comes equipped with a fixed harness, a built-in 16G accelerometer, multiplexed serial port and 3 I/O ports. This product comes equipped with the latest low power 16G force accelerometer capable of measuring hard braking, hard acceleration and collision events for driver behavior and safety applications.
CalAmp's new Location Messaging Unit (LMU) products provide global positioning satellite (GPS) tracking and cellular-based wireless communications capabilities for monitoring and tracking 12-volt and 24-volt vehicles. The new products are equipped with CalAmp's pioneering PEG™ (Programmable Event Generator) and PULS™ (Programming, Update and Logistics System), the company's industry-leading on-board alert engine and over-the-air device management and maintenance application, respectively. The new products also feature an integrated wireless antenna designed to deliver unrivaled performance and expand installation flexibility.


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