CADEKA Releases Industry’s Lowest Noise, 0.60nV/√Hz, High-Speed Amplifiers

CADEKA introduces the CLC1001 and CLC1002, two high-speed amplifiers that offer the lowest broadband noise performance on the market today.  At 0.60nV/√Hz input voltage noise performance, these amplifiers provide 30% lower noise than the closest competitor in their class.  In addition to ultra-low noise, the CLC1001 and CLC1002 offer 1mV maximum input offset voltage and excellent AC performance, making them well suited for high-speed data acquisition systems requiring high levels of sensitivity and signal integrity.  Both amplifiers consume under 13mA of supply current and offer a disable feature that lowers the supply current to under 225uA.

"The CLC1001 and CLC1002 are great examples of our leading edge amplifier design experience," explains Dale Wedel, CADEKA’s Chief Technical Officer.  "Our proprietary architecture allows us to deliver the best noise performance in the industry at this price point."

The CLC1001 is designed for gains of 10V/V or higher and gives designers the unique combination of low noise, 2.1GHz gain bandwidth product, 410V/us slew rate, and 130mA output current drive while consuming only 12.5mA.

The CLC1002 is designed for applications that require lower gains, 5V/V and above. The CLC1002 features 965MHz gain bandwidth product, 170V/us slew rate, 130mA output current, and the same industry leading noise performance of 0.60nV/√Hz.   

The combination of low noise, low input offset voltage, high-speed, large output current, and excellent bandwidth performance make these amplifiers well suited for use in many high-speed communications, medical, and instrumentation applications including radar, sonar, base-station, ultrasound, x-ray, probe, and test equipment.


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