Breakthroughs In Capacitors: IPDiA Introduces What Is Surely The First 10 µF Silicon Capacitor Ever Commercialized

IPDiA, leading supplier of 3D silicon passive components, brings to the electronic market the first 10 µF Silicon capacitor with outstanding stability and reliability features, specifically designed for all demanding applications.

IPDiA broadens its Silicon capacitor portfolio with the introduction of a new 10 µF capacitor built with its patented 3D Silicon technology, with an amazing low leakage current down to 12 nA to fill the needs for lower leakage current in battery-operated products.

Laurent Dubos, IPDiA Marketing Director, stated “IPDiA 3D Silicon technology brings to capacitors impressive performance. In defibrillator applications for instance, such a low leakage current is equivalent to a hundred days increase in lifetime, compared with what can be obtained with Tantalum devices.”

With its high stability in terms of voltage (<0.1 %/V) and aging, this capacitor exceeds the needs of the medical, aerospace, automotive, industrial markets, etc. IPDiA Silicon Capacitor offers an operating temperature range from -55 °C to +100 °C with capacitance shift limited to +/-1 %.Thanks to its very low ESR and ESL, this capacitor has an excellent high frequency noise characteristic and is very efficient on output DC filtering.

IPDiA’s technology provides Failure In Time (FIT) ten times better than standard SMD at 37 °C and 10 000 times better at 85 °C. This performance demonstrates the robust reliability of the Silicon component.

Whatever your requirements IPDiA also offers a wide range of capacitances including EIA 1005, 0201, 0402, 0603, 0805, and 1206 case sizes.


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