Beijing Subway Construction Adopting Helicomm Wireless Networking Technology to Improve Safety and Monitor Sensors

Beijing Metro Subway recently adopted Helicomm's ZigBee wireless technology to improve their workers safety and to monitor the dust sensors for Subway Line 4. Beijing Subway has 9 lines, and Line 4, completed in September 28, 2009, is the newest of the lines. It is 28.2 km long with 24 stations. Helicomm's wireless mesh networking technology enables the Subway Tunnel Safety Warning System, which consists of wireless readers, wireless identification tags, and the wireless dust sensors. The success of this project opens up new application opportunities for Helicomm's  wireless networking technology for Metro Subway safety and construction application. China plans to build 79 subway lines in 22 cities across the country by 2015.

The system in the future will incorporate more sensors to improve the monitoring capabilities of tunnel construction. These sensors include stress sensors, strain sensors, and sensors used for the geographical prediction system. "Helicomm's wireless networking technology has been widely deployed in applications which require reliable communication and ease of deployment. "The success of this subway construction project is another good example of how our technology can be used in various sensing and monitoring applications," says C.C. Huang, Helicomm CTO.


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