Automotive Use HDMI Type E Connector "MX50/53 Series" Has Been Developed

Recently for car interiors, the demand for entertainment devices such as blu-ray players and connectivity with digital portable devices like smartphones has been increasing. To meet this demand, JAE has now developed the MX50/53 Series connector compatible with the HDMI Type E connector standard for automotive applications.

The MX50/53 Series connector was designed to satisfy high-speed transmission performance while taking into account automotive use requirements, and it achieves both mechanical and environment suitability through features such as exclusively developed shielded wires.
  • 1.5mm horizontal pitch, 2-row, 19 position.
  • Impedance matching design, compatible with high-speed transmission.
  • Mechanical lock to resist twisting in the mated connector.
  • HDMI Type A relay available for connecting consumer and automotive use HDMI.
  • Supplied in harness product to secure transmission performance reliability.


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