Amphenol LTW’s Sensor M8 / M12 Series

Areas of application
  •     Proximity switches, photo eyes, safety switches and other I/O connectivity
  •     Connector interface for IP67/IP68 rated devices
  •     Other miniature I/O devices and sensors
  •     Robotic end-of-arm tooling
  •     Specialty sensors semiconductor assembly equipment
  •     Connectivity for devices in high-vibration environments
M12 Panel Mount 90° (Right Angle) with Board Lock

Amphenol LTW offers a variety of high-quality M-Series which comes with different sizes and variants from M8 to M10.5 to M12A, B and D-Coded connectors for Field Installable, Molded with Cable and Panel Mount that are available in plastic and metal versions meeting the most demanding needs in Factory Automation applications.

Addition to the M12 Series is the PCB right angle with board lock designed to increase structure strength in securing an electrical connector or device to printed circuit board. Rated IP68, totally protected against dust, and against long periods of immersion under pressure.

Generally, ALTW’s M-Series is perfectly suitable for industrial equipment, machinery and involving all types of sensors and actuators in automation that offers safety in harsh environmental conditions including corrosion, shock vibration, dust, moisture buildup and extremely adverse installation situations.

Be the first to receive samples by contacting our sales representative for further information. Samples are available from May 30, 2012.


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