Amphenol Industrial Introduces TMPC Power Mount

Amphenol Industrial has improved its Traction Motor Power Connector (TMPC) to include a color-coded power mounting flange with built-in locking keys to prevent the contact cable from slipping during use.

These new single-pin connectors are ideal for power distribution equipment and traction motor power supply applications.

Utilizing patented RADSOK technology, the TMPC allows for higher amperage, lower T-rise and insertion/removal forces than any other connector on the market.  The increased amperage allows for more current to go through a single connection, increasing the efficiency of the power to the end use application.

These square connectors meet the NEC AC/DC requirements and are designed to be used with IEEE Type P drilling cables ranging from 313 MCM to 777 MCM with contacts rated at 1,500 A. The connectors also feature color-coded mounting bases and cable side boots to help prevent cross mating while allowing for easier electrical phase identification.


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