AMC Connector in Compression Now Available

Cinch will be showcasing its new AMC compression style mezzanine connector at the upcoming ATCA Summit at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara CA. on October 21-23, 2008.

This robust compression style mezzanine connector for standard ATCA platform blades meets or exceeds the latest PICMG ATCA specification, AMC.0 Rev 2,which requires support for data transmissions of up to 12.5 Gbps per channel. The connector features highly reliable one-piece stamped contacts, providing seamless carrier board to mezzanine card paths for long-term robust performance. The captured individual contacts are designed to provide a low insertion force, with support for wide board planarities and multiple card insertions.

The use of compression technology enables simplified trace routing and reduced stub-effects and reflections, and the solderless attachment allows for easy removal and rework. Also, the contact utilizes a unique plating to minimize abrasions to the mezzanine card contacts.


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