Advanced Market Chip-Set Solution for RF ISM Range 868MHz & 915MHz

IPDiA, a leading supplier of Silicon passive components, today introduced a new generation of RF companion chip products, expanding its product portfolio in high-density Integrated Passive Devices. ASPICS320.604, 605& 606 Integrated Passive Devices (RF ISM range 868MHz & 915MHz) are specifically designed for use with the SX1211 transceiver from Semtech, a leading supplier of analog and mixed-signal semiconductors.

The RF design is well known for its complexity and multi influence on many parameters, from proper choice of components, careful implementation and PCB design, through final test and validation for production volumes. In spite of efforts from active chip suppliers on additional integration of the RF functions, there is still a part of ‘magic’, individual know-how and very high expertise requested in this domain.

Based on strong RF standards and breakthrough silicon technology for passives, IPDiA designers worked with the SX1211 from Semtech to optimize passives component parts in these applications. The result is the ASPICS chip-set devices that bring high value in ISM range of 868/915MHz by:
  •     Simplifying  RF designs
  •     Improving Time to Market
  •     Reducing the number of components
  •     Reducing system variability
  •     Fewer parts reduce cost
“The chip-set pairs our ASPICS range with Semtech’s SX1211 RF transceiver, who is recognized as the market leader for low/very low power consumption radio applications” said Laurent Dubos, Marketing & Sales Director of IPDiA. “Working together to optimize end-customer applications, such as battery operated AMR for water or gas metering, we created the best market chip-set solution for the RF designers today”.

“The right selection of external passive components is a key contributor to RF IC performances. Limiting the number of component count is a great advantage for Sourcing and Manufacturing yields” said Marc Pegulu, Product Line Director of Semtech. “Semtech is pleased to announce this joint offer with IPDiA in Low Power RF communication systems. IPDiA's devices offer a very compelling alternative to RF passive components used with Semtech Low power SX1211 RF transceiver. IPDiA ASPICS simplify the whole RF part by considerably reducing components count, system variability, implementation size area and cost”.

ASPICS SX1211 chip-set is a perfect solution for many battery operated or ‘low power’ applications such as Automated Meter Reading (water & gas AMR), home and building automation, wireless alarm and security systems, wireless sensor networks, industrial monitoring and remote control.

Available in small WL CSP packages, ASPICS devices are standard reflow compatible and are available in 1,000 piece tape & reel package in volume production quantities. For further design support and initial testing, evaluation boards are available together with detailed application note.

SX1211 RF Transceiver operates in 862MHz up to 950MHz frequency bands and offers the lowest current consumption in the market with its 3mA continuous receive mode current consumption. SX1211 is part of Semtech RF portfolio covering 169MHz-1GHz RF IC serving Energy Control & Security applications including Energy Meters, Building Energy and Security management. Semtech RF ICs are designed to offer the best RF communication robustness with a limited source of energy.


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