Achievement of an Expected Service Life of 5 Years at 70°C Start of Mass Production of "Highly Reliable Electric Double-Layer Capacitors" for Power Supply Backup Applications

Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. will start mass production of the DMG series of highly reliable electric double-layer capacitors*1 from June 2012. The DMG series is intended mainly for SSD*2 backup applications, and features low resistance and excellent long-term reliability at high temperatures, in a thin package.

Murata introduced technology developed by CAP-XX, an Australian firm and Murata business partner as of 2008, and commenced mass production of the DME and DMD series of electric double-layer capacitors from December 2010. However, the increasing popularity of SSD in recent years has led to demands for thin, low-resistance capacitors that assure long-term reliability under high temperatures, as backups in the event of power failures.

The DMG series suppresses the degradation of characteristics under high temperatures by optimizing the electrolyte and other materials. This realized the desired heat resistance that had not been possible thus far, and achieved an expected service life of 5 years at 70°C. In addition, realization of a low resistance of 70 mΩ in a thin package enables highly efficient charging and discharging over a wide input and output range.

The DMG series is designed for applications that anticipate long-term use, and can be used over a wide input and output range as power supply backups for SSD and communication systems, and as energy-harvesting capacitors.


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