V-Lock Locking System for the IEC-Appliance Couplers

This V-Lock system by SCHURTER is an attractive and simple solution to prevent an unintentional unplugging. Various different connectors, Power Entry Modules and several country-specific power cables are available with this option.

The V-Lock locking system can be used for 10A and 16A power inlets and connectors according to IEC 60320. This system works in such a way that there is a pin in the socket, interlocking with a notch in the plug and thus prevents an unintentional pullout of the power cable.The advantage of this system is that there is no need for a specific socket system or retaining device that has to be adapted and built-in.

The locking is released by pressing on the releasing lever. This lever is easily detected by its bright yellow colour and thus distinguishes this system from existing power cable connections. The extraction force is a minimum of 200 N. Typical applications are in medical appliances, analysis and laboratory instruments, Telecom and IT- devices, power distribution or radio and TV-studios.


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