Free Guide to Elastomer Engineering Produced by James Walker Keaflex

A 48 page guide to elastomer engineering has been produced by James Walker Keaflex. The free publication is a comprehensive introduction and reference guide to all aspects of elastomer engineering.

The heavily illustrated A4 booklet is practical and easy to read, and its high quality content should make it invaluable to engineers designing for or working with elastomers across all industries.

Elastomers have a vast range of applications in today’s technology, but the large number of elastomer types available and their wide range of properties and formulations make the field a complex one to master.

“We hope engineers will find this a useful addition to their bookshelf,” said James Walker Keaflex’s managing director Andy Tuffield. “We wanted to produce a guide that would be relevant to all aspects of elastomer engineering.”

Section headings in the guide include elastomer types, compounding, manufacturing, testing, material selection, design, failure modes as well as a comprehensive glossary of elastomer terminology.

All the main elastomer types are listed with their properties, together with their degree of compatibility with common fluids. The guide also covers complex three-dimensional moulding, which is a particular area of expertise for James Walker Keaflex.


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