Area Laser Light Barriers Used for Measuring Purposes

LASER COMPONENTS‘ LT-FLLS-2 area light barrier sends a laser band that is 35 mm wide and 2 mm thick. The distance between the sender and the receiver can extend to 6 m. In this area, the position and size of the smallest particles (as little as 20 µm) can be determined. To eliminate the surrounding light, the light barrier is modulated at 10 kHz. Rectifying the pulses ensures fast switching of the comparators.

In addition to an analog output, 2 switching outputs are available as PNP N/O contacts. The switching points can be positioned anywhere along the band. The 1-10 V analog signal changes continuously depending on how much of the laser line is covered. The size of the object being measured is determined by the level of coverage.

Common areas of application of this laser light barrier include the selection of objects according to size or position, diameter testing in winding processes, monitoring thread breakage, entry speed reduction, and aerosol testing.


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