Optimum Protection for Man and Machine

Safety technology is a major topic in the automation industry. Murrelektronik's active safety technology helps to reaches high standards: MVK Metal Safety, the safe fieldbus module, is part of this technology.

Murrelektronik offers reliable products for passive safety technology solutions. MIRO Safe relays, combined with passively safe fieldbus modules (MVK Metal, Cube67, and MASI) create safe installations. If necessary, the outputs of the modules are switched off and the affected machine parts are safely cut off. This is a simple solution, because proven concepts and principles can be maintained.

With MVK Metal Safety, Murrelektronik now has active safety technology. This rugged fieldbus module generates safe inputs and outputs in combination with a safe control (F-PLC). Using the fieldbus protocol PROFINET/PROFIsafe ensures that safety-related data is transferred reliably. MVK Metal Safety is part of the complete system that fulfills high safety categories.

Murrelektronik's new fieldbus modules enables installations with Safety Integrity Level 3 (according to IED 61508 and IEC 62061) and Performance Level e (according to EN ISO 13849-1).

The fully potted MVK Metal Safety modules are suitable for applications in harsh industrial environments, thanks to IP67 protection and the high resistance to media and vibrations. Moreover, they feature comprehensive diagnostic options.

  • Two-Hand Control Devices
  • Emergency Stop Circuits
  • Guard Doors
  • Safety mats
  • Light barriers
  • Machine Tools and Machining Centers
  • Forming and Sheet Metal Working
  • Foundry Plants and Forges
  • Cutting and Welding Units


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