New Portable Computed Radiography High Resolution Imaging Solution from GE

The CRx25P computed radiography (CR) imaging solution from the Inspection Technologies business of GE Measurement & Control Solutions combines high scanning resolution and throughput with compact design and light weight  to provide an innovative, portable inspection solution to a wide range of applications throughout the industrial and process spectrum, from oil and gas to power generation and aerospace.

As Martin Sauerschnig, Product Manager at GE, explains, “Weighing just 21kg (46 lb) , the CRx25P represents the latest generation of portable scanners. It features an upgraded plate transport system, which optimizes plate handling and it accepts flexible phosphor imaging plates up to 35 cm (14 inch) wide and of virtually any length, with one plate being fed into the unit while the other plate is being scanned.”

The scanner offers all the acknowledged benefits of computed radiography over film radiography in terms of faster exposures, wider latitude, fewer retakes and overall reduced materials and labour costs. The CRx25P can be operated at standard scan resolutions of 50 micron or 100 micron, where it is particularly suitable for corrosion/erosion inspection. It can also be operated at scan resolutions of 17 micron and 25 micron, making it qualified for weld inspections in compliance with international standards. In addition, a battery-powered version enables autonomous operation in special environments. Optional accessories include a ruggedized protective transport case, drum extensions and imaging plate guides.

As with all GE’s CR imaging solutions, the new scanner can be used with the Rhythm software platform, which allows acquisition, reporting, review and archiving of inspection results in the industry-standard DICONDE protocol.  Advanced image review tools ensure optimum productivity. The scanners can also be used with GE’s recently introduced Flash!Filters to allow instant image enhancement and faster defect detection.


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