Weidmiller Offers Serial/Ethernet Converters for Applications Such as Motors and Drives

Weidmuller's serial ethernet converters are used for integrating automation system components - such as control systems, sensors, measuring devices, motors, drives, barcode scanners or operating status indicators - that use RS-232, RS-422 and RS-485 bus standards, into modern industrial Ethernet networks.

The converters - which are suitable for use in harsh environments - feature either one or two serial ports and can be configured to function parameters using a web console, serial console, Telnet console or a Windows utility.

Additionally, they support a wide range of operation modes, including TCP server, TCP client, UDP, Real COM, RFC2217, Reverse Telnet, Pair Connection and Ethernet modem.

A relay output integrated into each converter acts as a warning function for administrators. If there are any problems with the Ethernet connections or non-authorised changes are made to the serial signals and power connections, an email warning is sent to the service technician.

The converters use redundant DC power supply inputs of 12–48VDC.

Key features

  • Enables users to remotely configure and operate devices with fieldbus independent configuration using an Ethernet connection
  • Users can create an Ethernet network structure using cascade cable connections comprising several serial/Ethernet converters
  • The converters’ two Ethernet ports can be used a Ethernet switch ports
  • The devices include surge voltage protection for the serial connections, Ethernet ports and power supply
  • Power supply and serial connectors are connected via robust screw-type terminal blocks
  • Alarm function consists of an integrated buzzer and real-time clock
  • Automatic restart function in the event of a failure


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