E-T-A Introduces the “Coolest” Type II MINI Circuit Breaker in the Market

E-T-A Circuit Breakers is pleased to announce the release of the Type II version of the 1620 MINI thermal automotive circuit breaker.  After rigorous research, development and testing the E-T-A Type II circuit breaker with modified reset has the lowest operating temperature in the MINI circuit protection market.

The addition of the Type II version of the 1620 to the already existing Type I and III versions of the product, rounds out E-T-A’s MINI circuit breaker offering.  E-T-A is now the only manufacturer in the market to provide the four type classes (I, II, III, and III*) of circuit breakers meeting all requirements of SAE J553 in the miniature package.

The Type II 1620 is available in current ratings from 5… 30 A with voltage ratings of 12 VDC.  The product housings are color-coded consistently with industry standard current ratings and are designed to the form, fit and function of other MINI blade products in the market making the 1620 interchangeable with blade type fuses.  The integration of the 1620 into designs allows for trouble-free retrofit capability, eliminates the need for spare fuses, saves space and reduces vehicle downtime.

The Type II 1620 is intended for the protection of 12 V on-board electrical systems in passenger cars, trucks, buses, watercraft, specialty vehicles and extra low voltage wiring systems requiring modified reset capability (Type II).


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