WAGO 1.5MHz DIN-rail Optocoupler

WAGO Corporation’s DIN-rail mount 859-940 High-Speed Optocoupler features a frequency input range of up to 1.5MHz. Engineered by WAGO’s Custom Products Division, 859-940 provides jumper-selectable, industry-standard input voltages of 5–10VDC or 10–24VDC. The 6mm-wide Optocoupler serves high-speed machine vision applications and quality testing with voltage conversion and isolation, as well as signal and level amplification.

Initially a bespoke, customer-driven design and now a WAGO Standard product, the high-speed 859-940 Optocoupler offers isolated data transmission. It also enables PLCs (typically 24V inputs) to read devices with 5–10V outputs. Optocoupler applications include high-speed camera imaging (food, packaging and process) and QA testing (machine-building). The 859-940 can mimic a frequency counter for testing input modules, or simulate an encoder for convenient machine testing prior to shipment.

Based on WAGO’s industry-proven 859 Series Relays, the Optocoupler employs CAGE CLAMP® Spring Pressure Connection Technology for vibration-proof terminations. Additional features: an output drive capability of 75mA (max. resistive), input status LED indicator and operating temperature range of -10°C to +45°C. The RoHS-compliant 859-940 is manufactured at WAGO’s Germantown, WI headquarters and is in stock.


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