Smaller, More Efficient D-Frame Released

Up to 68% smaller than its predecessor, the new NextGen D-Frame for VLT® AutomationDrives, Aqua drives and HVAC drives is now available with improved thermal management for even better efficiency.

The D-Frame is now even easier to mount and takes up less than previous versions, providing owners the opportunity to reduce the size, and the initial costs related to building control or switch room and panels. 

Back channel cooling
Using Danfoss’ unique back-channel cooling concept the D-Frame makes it possible to direct up to 90% of the heat generated by the drive directly outside the enclosure. An IP54 seal between the back channel cooling duct and the electronics of the VLT® drive provides the necessary protection to ensure long lifetime reliability. 

Wide variety of enclosures and ratings
Available in IP20, IP21 and IP54 enclosures and power ratings ranging from 90-315 kW, the drives use the same award winning control panel and LCP as Danfoss’ other VLT® drives.


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