Walkersele® D8 - New Rotary Lip Seal for Marine Propulsion Systems

Walkersele® D8 is new design of rotary lip seal, developed by James Walker for use on marine propulsion systems to protect bearings from water ingress or prevent leakage of lubricant to the marine environment.

Typical applications are marine propulsion units, azimuth thrusters, large swivel units, stern gland seals, flooded gearboxes, and process equipment — including offshore and onshore duties as well as marine.

The trouble-free operational life of Walkersele D8 has been proven by extensive testing on dynamic test rigs, combined with over 12 months of sea trials on working vessels, plus applications in heavy industrial environments.

D8’s robust design incorporates new lip geometry that provides flexibility with low lip loading, to accommodate shaft eccentricity of up to 3mm TIR, depending on shaft diameter and speed. The new lip geometry has been validated on marine applications where typical operating conditions included vibration and shock loads.

The seal works at a maximum pressure differential of 150kPa/1.5bar (21.75psi) and can operate at shaft speeds up to 15m/s (2953fpm) in standard nitrile rubber/aramid-glass fabric materials, or up to 25m/s (4922fpm) in fluoroelastomer/aramid-glass fabric materials. A wide variety of other materials is available, and cartridge seals can be custom designed and manufactured.

Walkersele D8 is supplied in endless form and Walkersele® OSJ — for On-Site Joining using James Walker’s patented technique — for housings with retaining plates, or as a self-retaining seal in endless form only. Standard sizes range from 60mm to 2000mm (2.4 inch to 78.75 inch) shaft diameters, with larger sizes available to order.


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