Condition Monitoring Eliminates Process Downtime

Competing effectively in the pharmaceutical market requires more than just high quality products and meeting regulatory compliance demands. Today, producers must also look to optimize process efficiency and maximize uptime. Safeline Tablex-PRO metal detectors ensure the potential for downtime is eliminated providing maximum productivity.

Advanced Software Technology

Tablex-PRO metal detection systems utilize Safeline sophisticated PowerPhasePRO software platform which provides the basis for the highest levels of detection sensitivity to all metal contaminants – but this is just part of the story. Manufacturers are also able to benefit from reduced manufacturing costs and greater levels of production efficiency.

During process risk management audits, metal detectors are frequently designated as Critical Control Points. As a result, their performance must be closely monitored and periodically checked to meet regulatory compliance needs. If a malfunction occurs, the production process should be stopped until the problem is resolved as the quality control point is no longer protected and there is a risk of contaminated product reaching consumers.

Reducing Manufacturing Costs

The costs associated with a line shutdown can be very high so a metal detector that can tell you when a fault occurs must be seen as beneficial. However, a better solution is to have a metal detector that can give an early warning before the fault actually occurs. Being informed in advance can provide a buffer or window of opportunity to conduct investigations and plan rectification maintenance work when it is more convenient, for example, during a planned line shut down or shift change.

Advanced Warning of Problems

The PowerPhasePRO Software uses revolutionary Condition Monitoring technology which constantly assesses the performance and operation of key detector components and circuitry. Adverse trends or changes in performance which could potentially cause downtime if left unaddressed can be signalled giving advanced warning of the changes before a problem occurs. Messages from the Condition Monitoring system are displayed on the high visibility touch screen user interface in the form of a color coded heart-beat icon and full screen status display.

Communicating Key Process Messages

Critical messages from Tablex-PRO detectors can be communicated directly to key individuals within the manufacturing organisation via a unique GSM gateway communication system. This allows the detector so send instant SMS text messages and emails to the mobile telephones or in-boxes of those that need to know process information. Typically, maintenance engineers can receive early warnings regarding potential downtime or line stoppages while QA or Production Managers can be advised of over-due validation testing of the system which could lead to non-compliance issues and failed food safety audits if not addressed.


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