IP68 Bluetooth Buccaneer Connector Eliminates Serial Cables

Bulgin’s new self-pairing Bluetooth cable replacement products eliminate data cables and allow equipment with RS485 or RS232 data ports to communicate using wireless Bluetooth technology.

The IP68 rated environmentally sealed enclosure protects against dust and moisture, so the units can be used in numerous harsh or hostile applications. The PX0885 can be mounted internally or externally for maximum flexibility, convenience and also for optimum range.

Wireless point-to-point or multi-drop data connections can be made quickly and easily between serial interfaces or dumb devices and work transparently without any need for a PC, PLC or Bluetooth software. Master and Slave units automatically establish a data link between themselves; no intervention or special serial commands are required, enabling fast and cost-effective cable replacement or data network extension. The Master automatically connects with up to six Slave units to form a multi-drop network.

The communication Baud rate, parity, stop bits and flow control can be re-configured using a downloadable software application. Half and Full Duplex RS232, RS422 (4-wire) and RS485 (2-wire) modes are easily selected. Factory default settings are: 9600, N, 8, 1 without flow control, and the products will self-connect and work straight out-of-the box without any intervention or adjustment.

Typical applications include: wireless metering and telemetry, temporary and permanent installations, water industry, environmental monitoring, energy management, factory monitoring, plant and machinery, transport/traffic systems and vehicle communications between tractor and trailer.

These units can be used when cables are difficult, impractical or expensive to install, for example; between different buildings, between walls or floors, around other obstructions, or open field sites. With a wireless communication range of up to 100m, significant savings could be made over a hard-wired solution in terms of installation time, disruption and cost.

An interface connector adapter board, PX0884, is available, providing convenient screw terminals for connection to serial data lines and power supply, and also an industry standard RS232 9-D connector. DIP switches allow selection of RS232/RS485 and Half/Full duplex modes, and alteration of 9-D connector pinout for DTE or DCE compatibility.


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