Made from Innovation for Innovation

For years you have heard that we are innovators. But what does innovation entail? And how do we at FUTEK enable it?

We believe that innovation involves a continual and proactive effort to seek, communicate, and share ideas. In 2011, we embraced this philosophy more than ever as we sought to answer one question: what does this industry need not just today, but ten, twenty years from now?

The answer came to us with the recognition that in a progressive business everything evolves, and in successful cases we get more from less. Over the past year, FUTEK accelerated this process and set a precedent for the future of test and measurement.

FUTEK recognized that traditional data collection methods require too many components to retrieve data, many of which introduced margins of error that became problematic for engineers and operators. So we innovated and introduced a single module data collection solution – FUTEK’s USB Data Collection Technology.

It took us four years to research, design, prototype, and manufacture our USB Technology, but it was time well spent. The simple plug and play solution has been a huge success and led us to our latest endeavor: a Universal USB Solution for nearly all strain gauge sensor applications.

At the heart of the process that made this innovation possible lies our dedication to company wide communication. At FUTEK, we refuse to allow ideas slip away unnoticed. Thus, we begin everyday with a 6:59 AM gathering to discuss all ideas relevant to the company. Our department heads continue these conversations with their teams, confident that communication will give light to questions and breed ideas.

Through these dailies, we have learned that shared knowledge is integral to innovation. So this year, we made it a top priority to share our insight with the greater community. For example, if you ever wondered how FUTEK’s custom designs came to be, you can hop onto our website and watch a full-disclosure webinar led by our Director of Engineering.

But that wasn’t FUTEK’s only “shared” effort. In 2011, we dedicated an entire section of our website to everything we know about sensors and sensor related instruments. We call it “FUTEK Solutions.” Within these pages, you will find invaluable information ranging from the basics of sensor operations to extensive case studies conducted alongside scientists at MIT and NASA.

And to ensure that future generations of engineers are well equipped with all the tools of our trade, FUTEK annually partners with universities, students, and professors. This year, we joined forces with Ohio State University as a sponsor in their annual Formula One SAE race. The students designed, constructed and raced a Formula One grade racecar, which was fully tested using FUTEK sensors.

So as we approach 2012, we can’t close the door to 2011 without congratulating our team for their enthusiasm and persistence. It’s due to your conversations, your marriage of intellect and grit, and your exchange of imagination that FUTEK had one of its most memorable years. Our hats off to you team! You are the innovators.


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