Increase Your Floor Scale’s Uptime

Floor scales are often exposed to shocks and impacts during loading. Weak design combined with insufficient measurement technology leads to unreliable measurement results and frequently to costly repair work. These issues can be eliminated, due to the innovative rocker pin technology -  the robust weighing platforms and the quality load cells.

Rocker pins allow the weighing platform to be moved laterally to its safety stops. This securely prevents any damage to the load cell due to lateral forces which might occur when loads are processed at full speed. Commercially available floor scales are not protected against these forces. Floor scales, which can be driven over and have screwed-in feet and a level contact surface (standard in the case of simple scales), transfer the forces directly to the load cell. On the one hand, this generates fluctuating and unreliable measurement values. On the other hand, load cells are loaded above their safety limits. This results in premature failure of the weighing platform. The rocker pins from METTLER TOLEDO ensure optimum force transmission to the load cell at all times. Any distortions, uneven floor conditions or lateral shearing forces are absorbed.

Sophisticated Mechanics

An intelligent design combined with robot supported manufacturing is key to consistently high product quality. The highest level of dimensional accuracy and low levels of deflection have a direct effect on the measurement accuracy (repeatability, hysteresis, linearity etc.).

No Compromises at the Load Cells

For METTLER TOLEDO's floor scales, only load cells consisting of stainless steel are used. Corrosion is not an issue here. Shock loads are absorbed by the integrated overload stop, which leads to a long and trouble- free service life. Reliable and durable are just two characteristics of METTLER TOLEDO's floor scales. The outstanding, metrological properties of the floor scales can be guaranteed on a permanent basis. Nothing stands in the way of use in challenging, industrial environments.

Fast, Stable Measured Values Thanks to the Rocker Pin

The design ensures optimum, lateral force transmission to the load cell. The rocker pins swing in all directions and thereby protect the load cell from damage due to lateral shocks or impacts.

For even more efficient protection and to guarantee the most accurate of measurement results, METTLER TOLEDO also offers solutions with installation frames. The scale is thus mechanically protected against lateral impacts e.g. from a forklift. This also ensures that the scale cannot be moved and always maintains a level position.


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