WAGO’s Push-Button SMD-Terminal Block Gains 1-, 3-Pole Models

WAGO Corporation’s 2060 Series SMD-Terminal Block line gains 1- and 3-pole variants, bringing exclusive push-button actuation to additional PCB-based LED lighting and electronics. A labor-saving alternative to hand-soldering PCB leads, 2060 Series’ push-button streamlines termination and permits removal for wiring error correction — no costly scrap/rewiring. This unique capability also enables OEMs to meet Energy Star requirements for end-of-life components; push a button to swap-out/drop-in units.

UP TO 600V:
For simplicity, 2060 Series accommodates the broadest range of solid/stranded conductors (AWG 24–18) within one unit — even tinned, top-coated or pre-bonded ones. All 2060 Series models are UL/cUL Recognized: 1-pole units carry an industry-topping 600V/9A rating; 2- and 3-pole models are rated 250V/9A. Applications include LED lighting/signage, as well as thermostat, alarm and HVAC controls. Just 4.5mm high, 2060 Series also suits electronics requiring low-profile SMT components.

Terminations are simple: Solid conductors are pushed-in; removal is push-button actuated. Flexible or stranded conductors utilize the push-button for termination/removal. Aiding operation, 2060 Series’ push-buttons are concaved and slotted for actuation via ballpoint pen or small screwdriver. A unique “wiring balcony” funnels conductors into the housing — even at slight angles — easing wiring. CAGE CLAMP®S terminations are maintenance-free, vibration- and thermal cycling-resistant to exceed LED longevity.


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