Impact67 - Now Even Faster with EtherCat

The Impact67 fieldbus module can now transfer data even faster with EtherCat! This is made possible with 50 µs and configurable input filters. Impact67 features pluggable connections, diagnostic options and IP67 tested seals. Now you can create cost-effective, decentralized solutions.

There is an ongoing trend: electrical engineers are relying more and more on fieldbus solutions. This is where Murrelektronik comes in: a continual pioneer in decentralization solutions. Some good examples are the modular and flexible Cube67 system or the robust MVK Metal distribution box. These are components that sell themselves with detailed diagnostic options and multifunctional ports. And they also reduce installation efforts and costs!

Murrelektronik provides the right solution for applications that need to meet basic machine installation requirements without any special demands. Impact67 is the module for any decentralization that focuses on cost-effectiveness. These fieldbus modules offer pluggable connections, diagnostic options such as single channel diagnostic with LEDs or group diagnostics through the bus, port-related switch offs and tested seals according to IP67.

This makes Impact67 the perfect choice for an electrical engineer whose objective is minimizing costs while maintaining digital inputs and outputs under ordinary conditions. Many different applications are possible with Impact67: in the plant engineering field (logistics, waste treatment, palletizing), in the packaging industry or in the non-cutting metal industry (sheet metal working, robotics, wood processing). Impact67 has been optimized for the EtherCat fieldbus protocol, which makes it ideal for extremely fast applications. Base times of 50 µs or configurable input filters of 250 µs, 500 µs, 1 ms, and 3 ms support the transfer of very fast signals.

Impact67 is available for the fieldbus protocols Profibus, ProfiNet, EtherCat, CanOpen, DeviceNet, and EtherNet/IP.


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