RTP Company Launches Special Effect Color Masterbatches to Boost Consumer Appeal in Film and Sheet Applications

Global custom engineered thermoplastics compounder RTP Company has announced the availability of customizable special effects to its product line of color masterbatches for film and sheet applications using engineering resins. The new masterbatches satisfy growing consumer demand for stylish products in medical, packaging, sporting goods, automotive, construction, and consumer goods applications.

"We've extended our capabilities in special effect colors beyond injection molding to film and sheet extruded materials that are seeing growth as end products become increasingly more complex in terms of structure and use," explained Jean Sirois, General Manager Color at RTP Company.

This new range of special effect color masterbatches enables processors and OEMs to boost aesthetics, broaden consumer appeal, and expand design options while maintaining functionality and performance, according to Sirois. They can be used in a wide range of resin systems including polyesters, nylons (PA), PC, and TPU.

RTP Company's custom color capabilities provide precise color matching to meet product identification and brand image requirements. Special effect color masterbatches for film and sheet are available in appearance effects, shifting effects, and functional effects. Appearance effects include metallic, pearlescent, sparkle mist, fluorescent, and transparent; shifting effects include glow-in-the dark, temperature shifting, and light shifting; while functional effects include laser markable and light diffusion.

A unique capability for medical devices is the possibility of color masterbatch formulations that meet biocompatibility requirements for certain end uses.

RTP Company offers these customizable special effect color masterbatch products globally to film and sheet producers. Additionally, RTP Company's film manufacturing subsidiary Wiman Corporation, Sauk Rapids, Minn., is a leading producer of customized plastic film products for the medical, consumer, and industrial markets.


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