Mazak Presents the New FJV 60/80 Machining Center at T3

Mazak presented its FJV 60/80 Double-Column Machining Center at T3 – Tomorrow's Technology Today, a Discover Mazak 2011 event. The machine drew much attention from those attendees seeking high-efficiency and high-precision machine performance for a variety of applications from high-speed aluminum machining to heavy-duty steel cutting, as in mold and die work.

The availability of three different integrated spindle/motor specifications allows the FJV 60/80 to specifically meet the machining requirements of a wide spectrum of workpiece materials and sets the machine apart from other comparable machines. With either a BT-50 or CAT 50 taper, the FJV 60/80 standard high-torque spindle provides 40 hp (26 kW) and speeds up to 7,000 rpm for heavy-duty metal removal, while optional 10,000 rpm and 18,000 rpm 40-taper spindles deliver high speeds for machining aluminum and other nonferrous materials. Standard tool storage is 30 tools, with optional 60-tool capacity available. And for even more machining versatility, an optional angle head is available for side face machining.

Machine rigidity, accuracy and productivity result from the FJV 60/80 machine construction. Thanks to Mazak's special double-column design, the distance from the Z- axis face to the machine's spindle centerline is 75% shorter as compared with typical single-column machine constructions. This shorter distance gives the FJV 60/80 exceptional rigidity, while a minimized distance from the spindle nose to table surface makes for efficient machining of large, thin workpieces. The machine's construction is also heat-symmetrical, which, together with intelligent machine functions, precision servo-motor systems, ballscrew core cooling and linear roller guides, ensures positioning accuracy over extended periods of operation.

Telescoping front machine covers provide an extremely wide opening for convenient loading and unloading of parts from the FJV 60/80's large capacity worktable that measures 88.19" x 49.21" (2,240 mm x 1,250 mm). Extensive X/Y/Z machine axis travels of 78.4", 55.12", and 25.98" (2,000 mm/1,400 mm/660 mm), along with rapid traverse speeds of 1,574 ipm, 1,574 ipm and 1,181 ipm in X, Y and Z, respectively, allow the FJV 60/80 to quickly maneuver around big workpieces and significantly shorten part processing times.


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