E-T-A Introduces PR60 and PR 80 Power Relays For Single-Pole Switching of Loads in Trucks, Buses, Construction Machinery and Military Vehicles

E-T-A Circuit Breakers is pleased to announce the PR60 and PR80 Power Relays as the latest addition to its products specifically designed for the commercial vehicle market.  The PR60 is a monostable relay containing one coil and one resting position. The PR80 is a bistable relay containing two coils and two resting positions – it is switched ON through an impulse and remains in the ON position until it is switched off by an additional impulse.  The PR60 and PR 80 are designed for continuous loads up to 300A and current peaks up to 2400A – making the products suitable for single-pole switching of large loads in military, construction and agricultural equipment.  The relays can be operated from the driver’s cabin and protect the circuit by means of physical isolation.

The PR60 and PR80 are environmentally sealed with protection standards of IP67 which offers a high level of protection against water or dust access.  Additionally, with a shock rating of 40 g and vibration rating of 6 g, the PR 60 and PR 80 are optimal for use in the most physically demanding applications.  Main load connections are by means of M8 (100 A and 200A) or M10 (200A and 300A) stud terminals with an insulating barrier between the terminals to protect against accidental shorting when the cables are connected.

The PR60 and PR80 power relays are available in voltage ratings 12 V, 24 V and 48 V and are ideally suited for use as a battery disconnect relay or for switching other high current circuits in trucks, buses, construction machinery military equipment and special vehicles. 


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